Ride 5


Serk Cycling Beijing


A+ : 160km
A : 114km
B  : 082km
C : 055km


A+ : 2500m
A : 2447m
B : 1409m
C : 0828m


A : 4/5
B : 3/5
C : 2/5


Sunday May 10th
Sign in : 06:00
Depart : 06:30
Arrive Start : 07:30
Return Earliest : 12:00
Return Latest : 15:00



This week is the last Serk ride for Richard from Jing A so we are doing his favourite route - Baiyanggou! After the ride we'll drive in the vans straight back to Jing A Longfusi and he promises you'll be able to have a cold beer in your hand a few minutes after disembarking!

The ride is on SUNDAY (as Saturday is a working day for most).


Baiyanggou has Lootttssss of climbing and some great descending. It's very close to Beijing so transit times are short.

A riders go up the main concrete road climb and loop on the southern road before heading South all the way to the G109 and then back on the X210 and back to the start point via the southern road again (you get to do the fast descent twice!).

B riders do the big loop anti-clockwise.

C do a smaller loop that's still fantastic.


There is also an A+ ride again this week - ride all the way back to the City and straight to Jing A. You'll probably beat the vans back anyway and you'll have earned at least an extra 2 beers and a burger for the effort!

Ride FULL. Try next week!