Ride 14

Magic May

Mofo Madness (quadruple M)

Serk Cycling Beijing


A+ : 136km
A : 095km
B+  : 107km
B : 065km
C: 046km
C : 055km
D : 030km


A+ : 2500
A : 2272
B+  : 1847
B : 1602
C: 1025
C : 0663
D : 0300


A+ : 5/5
A : 4/5
B + : 4/5
B : 3/5
C : 3/5
D : 1/5


Saturday May 13 /
Sunday May 14
Plus riders start : 05:00 - 05:30
Sign in/Coffee : 06:00
Depart Serk : 06:30
Arrive Start : 07:30
Return Earliest : 13:30
Return Latest : 16:30


Saturday : Mentougou
Sunday : Changping

Got your tongue around that ? Ok good. Now time to get your head around our packed riding schedule for the weekend.

Saturday - Faster and longer for experienced riders
Sunday - Less fast and shorter distances for new riders


On Saturday we will visit the famous Miaofengshan climb. We've designed an A, B and C route. All of which are tough but rewarding.

Due to popular demand we've also added in a "+" option.  So if you'd like a longer distance (40km) you can ride out to the start of the course from Serk. You will need to leave before the Serk vans early in the morning (between 5.00 and 5.30 depending on your speed). At this time there is very little traffic and riding through the city is far more pleasant.

Please note the "+" component of the ride is unsupported. It's not possible for us to support this along with the regular ride (the distances are just too vast). We offer it to allow riders from A and B groups to chance to get in some extra distance and still get back at a reasonable hour without having faster or shorter distance riders waiting around for long periods of time at the finish point.  So if you want to do the "+" you need to take responsibility for yourself till you get to the start point of the regular route. You must have navigation and know how to use it. You'll need to be able to change tubes and sort yourself out if there are any problems. If you break down or crash you will also need to sort yourself out. You need to pace yourself to arrive at the start point of the regular route by 7.30 or you'll be left behind. If you are not confident with taking responsibility for these tasks then DO NOT undertake the "+" option and just choose the regular A, B or C option where we can provide full support like normal.


On Sunday we will offer an easier C ride and a new D category. D is a super easy ride. Sign your boyfriend / girlfriend / Ayi up for this ride - its the perfect way to introduce them to the beauty of cycling. Easy course, out and back on a quiet road without much traffic. We'll include a training session at the start of the ride to help new riders learn all the quirks of riding road bikes.

Ride Registration