Ride 16

Chongli Calling

2 day adventure


Serk Cycling Beijing


Day 1. Monday
A : 100-130km
B : 060-100km

Day 2. Tuesday
A: 105km
B: 060-105km


Day 1. Monday
A : 2000 m
B : 1300 m

Day 2. Tuesday
A: 1500m
B: 800-1500m


A : 4/5
B : 4/5


Monday 29th Apr / Tuesday 30th Apr


Chongli Hebei

This weekend is another long weekend - the last one for some time. Adventure time ! No ride on Saturday and Sunday. Instead we will ride Sunday and Monday.

Chongli is 3.5 hours drive from Beijing in Hebei. It's home to a host of ski resorts and will be a major focus for the 2020 Winter Olympics. As a result there are already some great hotels, restaurants and coffee houses operating in the town. And of course new cycling terrain for you to explore.

2 days of riding.

Day 1 is an out and back route which featured in stage 1 of the Tour of Beijing in 2014. Nice and flat to begin with and then rolling hills through a forest splattered with wind turbines. Great roads and moonscape like landscapes. B can turn around earlier to reduce distance.

Day 2 is a loop through the Hebei countryside. Rolling hills through grasslands with a few short climbs. A + B do the same route. You can turn around earlier if you'd like to reduce the distance.

These weekend trips are designed to be a bit of an adventure. The roads aren't as good as Beijing and parts of the route haven't been ridden before. So expect some flat tyres, maybe a u-turn or two and who knows what else - it's Hebei after all. We want to take you a little bit out of your comfort zone - explore the unknown. This is what makes cycling so awesome so relish the challenge !

That said if you can't change your own tube, haven't ridden for a while or are an inexperienced rider please don't come on this trip. Regular A +B Serk riders will have no problem.

Timetable is as follows ;


05.00 Meet at Serk and drive 3.5 hours to Hotel in Chongli

10.00 Brunch at the local dumpling / porridge restaurant

11.00 Start riding

16.00 - 17.00 Return

19.00 Dinner at Shanxi Restaurant - Shanxi shredded meat hamburger and noodles


07.00 Breakfast

08.00 Ride

13.00 Return from ride - lunch in Chongli

14.30 Drive back to Beijing

20.00 Arrive back at Serk


As we are providing overnight accomodation and drivers are required for 2 days there are some extra costs associated with the ride.

1150 RMB + use of 1 of your Serk Ride Pass or

1350 RMB if you dont have a Ride Pass

Price includes transport, accommodation (twin share) for Monday night. Hotel breakfast is included. Others meals are pay as you go.

Hotel is a 4 star Hotel.

Route Details - Day 1 Monday

Route Details - Day 2 Tuesday

Ride Registration