Ride 8

Yanqing Bling

Serk Cycling Beijing


A+ : 172km
A : 97km
B+ : 139km
B  : 078km
C : 056km


A+ : 2041m
A : 1683m
B+ : 1236m
B : 1424m
C : 459m


Saturday May 30
Sign in : 05:30
Depart : 06:00
Arrive Start : 08:00
Return Earliest : 15:30
Return Latest : 17:30



Ride to Eat Series 1 - Hulu Shunyi.

Our A+ routes and post ride food stops have been very popular this season. As a result we've decided to institute a regular new series on the last Saturday of each month - Ride to Eat! Each month we'll pick a new eating establishment to finish off the ride. We will also create some longer challenge routes from the mountains all the way back into town. We drive you out in the vans and then ride yourself back. These routes are pretty awesome - firstly coming from the mountains back to the city always means you have more downhill than uphill. Secondly riding back into town is can be faster than driving so you'll often get back around the same time as the Serk vans but with an extra 30-40kms in your legs earning you an extra beer or burger. This week I'm also introducing a B+ route which is 139km and only 1236m of climbing making it an achievable distance for all B riders. There is also no time pressure on the + rides. You can take your time to get back and go at your own pace.

The ride will finish up at the awesome new Hulu in Shunyi. They have great space for bikes and will provide each Serk rider with a special surprise on arrival. If you don't ride the + rides our vans will drop you back at Hulu in Shunyi where we will enjoy a well deserved late lunch and a few drinks. Self drivers can also conveniently park in the area and join us for the social occasion as well.

Please note the A+ and B+ rides do not have a ride leader and are unsupported. You will need to be able to navigate yourself and you'll need to bring your own tools / spare tube and pump. If you have a breakdown you will need to organise your own transport back to Beijing. We will of course do our best to help you with this process and if we are still in the area will support as normal. If you are not comfortable with being self sufficient then please stick with the regular supported A,B and C rides.

This weeks routes are awesome. A & B rides do a super loop around the northern part of Yanqing which is just spectacular and an area we visit less frequently. This weeks C ride is very flat and scenic so ideal for all those beginners thinking of getting out for the first time. The A+ and B+ rides will blow your socks off. I've picked a couple of hidden small roads to provide a bit surprise. You'll be smiling all the way to Tianbei Lu when I'm sure some of you will use select swear words in the same sentence as Serk. Don't worry a beer and slider awaits just down the road at Hulu.

Make the most of this beautiful weather and get out there this weekend!