Ride 39

Beijing Stelvio

take 2

Serk Cycling Beijing


A : 92km
B  : 067km
C  : 043km


A : 2254m
B : 1649m
C : 0994m


A : 5/5
B : 4/5
C : 3/5


Saturday Nov 11
Sign in/Coffee : 07:00
Depart Serk : 07:30
Arrive Start : 09:00
Return Earliest : 15:30
Return Latest : 17:30



This week we are going to ride the famous Beijing Stelvio climb again ! Last time we attempted the weather wasn't the best so we had many cancellations. Here is your chance to give it a go again !

This time we'll ride it in reverse.

Its quite a distance away (up to 2 hours each way) to the west of the city but as always it is definitely worth the trip. The loops we have planned are gorgeous and should be on every riders Beijing bucket list.

This ride is a must - so don't miss it.

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