Special Event – Ride plus Obentos Lunch & Talk

Saturday is the last day of the Mid Autumn holiday.
We are planning a city ride starting from Serk and finishing up with a delicious lunch and talk on nutrition at Obentos.
Obentos serves healthy Japanese food and is the brainchild of Andrew Stevenson – a regular Serk rider and seriously good triathlete. As a restauranteur and amateur sportsman Andy has a keen interest in nutrition (check out his blog here).  After the ride Andy will do a short talk on Ketosis & Performance: Can a Ketogenic diet improve athletic performance or are carbohydrates the fuel that we need to get us to the finish line?
The ride starts at Serk and will follow a flat 70 kilometre or 100km route known as the Dogmarket loop. We will split riders into 2 groups – Elite / Intermediate + (100km)  and Intermediate – / Beginner (70km). If you are based in Shunyi you can also join us from Dead Ayi Rd / Jingmi Lu corner.
PLEASE NOTE : This ride is not supported so you need to be able to navigate the route on your own and keep and average speed of at least 20km/h. Its not recommended for complete novice riders. If you’d prefer to do your own shorter ride and meet at Obentos thats also ok.
All riders will end up at Obentos at Grand Summit Liangmaqiao where you are welcome to enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch. Lunch is optional but comes highly recommended ! Come and support the business of a fellow rider.
Obentos are offering a super lunch deal for all riders  :
People’s Teriyaki Chicken Bento + Any Large Smoothie 80RMB
Atlantic Grains + Any Large Smoothie 88RMB
Miso Tender Bento + Baird Beer Rising Sun Pale Ale 88RMB
Veg options :
Soulful Sukiyaki Bento + Any Large Smoothie 80RMB
Seasonal Abundance Grain Bowl + Any Large Smoothie 88RMB
Happy Hour prices on booze,  Asahi 20RMB,  Baird Craft Beer 35RMB,  House Wines 35RMB,  Cocktails 38RMB
All riders are required to fill the form below by Friday morning.
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Departure Time :
08.00 Serk. Arrive at 07.30 for coffee
Shunyi departure times see below.
Arrival Time for lunch : 11:30 – 12:30 Obentos
1. Intermediate – / Beginner ride  – 70km Flat
Ride out along Jingmi Lu and then along the Wenyu river in a NW direction before heading back past Euro Plaza and back along the Wenyu river. Totally flat course !
Meet locations –
Serk 8am,
Dead ayi road / Jingmi Lu 9.15am
Ride leader : TBC
Average Speed : 20 km/h


2. Intermediate + / Elite  : 100km Flat
Same as the loop above but we will add on an extra 30km.
Meet locations –
Serk 8am,
Dead ayi road / Jingmi Lu 9am
Ride leader : Shannon
Average Speed : 25 km/h – 30 km/h
Every rider is required to read and accept this waiver by clicking on “yes” in the form above before participating in a Serk Ride.
This ride is free. Lunch is optional and payable directly to Obentos.

Once you have signed up for the ride we will add you to special group chat for the Saturday ride. Here you will be able to see which of your friends have already signed up plus we will release the route GPX files and detailed route instructions here. During the ride we will use this group for communication and also its the place you can share photos post ride. If you haven’t been added to the group make sure that you have added the Serk Admin account (QR code below)