Special Ride


to autumn

Serk Cycling Beijing


Oct 1st: 90km from Beijing
Oct 2nd: 100km / 180km in Huairou
Oct 3rd: 90km / 140km to Beijing


Oct 1st: 1000 m
Oct 2nd: 2500 m
Oct 3rd: 1000 m


October 1st, 2nd and 3rd
See detail below



October holiday - we celebrate the autumn. It’s usually the best week of riding in Beijing mountains! Preparing for the Gran Fondo

We are planning to ride into the mountains on the first day (Oct 1st) from Serk; we'll stay overnight at the Serk Shan service course. (A car will drop off all your stuff.)

On the second day, (Oct 2nd) we do a full day of riding in the mountains, stay at the mountain house.

On the third day (Oct 4th), we sleep in a little bit and say our goodbyes to the mountains either via a short route of 90km or a longer route of 140km back to the city to round out three days of great riding. (A car will drop off all your stuff at Serk.)

The timetable is as follows ;


7:00 Meet at Serk, ride towards mountains of Huairou

11:00 Arrive at Serk Shan

12:00 Serk Shan meal and stress-free afternoon with a good internet connection

18:00 Order in food from homestays


07.00 Serk Breakfast

09.00 Start riding - 100km and 175km options

16.00 Finish ride at Serk Shan, shower and change

17.00 Dinner and drinks

The courses we have planned are absolutely spectacular and also designed to challenge each group to ride longer! You’ve got most of the day so might as well make the most of it. Especially that we'll be riding part of the same route for the L'etap race later in October.


07.00 Serk Breakfast

09.00 Start riding - 90km and 140km options

14.00 Finish riding at Serk in the afternoon


Max number of guests to stay in the mountains is 8. Rooms are dorm style. There are 2 double beds, 2 bunk beds, and 3 single beds. Couples have the preference for the double beds. The other beds are assigned on first come first served basis.


2 Nights - 900 RMB or 550 RMB + one ride pass 


  • 3 organized rides
  • 2 nights of accommodations
  • 2 Serk breakfasts (special oats mix)
  • transportation of luggage
  • coffee

Doesn't include:

  • dinner and drinks
  • local beer and soft drinks

Limited to 8 over-night stay guests 

Ride Registration