Ride 29

Tour de Wall


Serk Cycling Beijing

Distance 距离

A : 105km
B : 74km
C : 54km

climbing 爬升

A : 1600m
B : 1400m
C : 1100m

Time 时间

Sunday September 23
Sign in/Coffee 签到/咖啡: 06:00
Depart Serk 出发: 06:30
Arrive Start 到达起点: 07:30
Return Earliest 最早回到俱乐部: 13:30
Return Latest 最晚回到俱乐部: 16:30

location 地点

Huairou 怀柔

Mid-autumn Festival - wow, can't believe it's already mid-autumn when the awesomeness of Beijing mountains has just started to show itself! The green, yellow and red color scheme is for sure the eye candy you have never dreamed of! To avoid the holiday traffic, we'll ride on SUNDAY (the 2nd day of the three-day weekend) this week!

We start the ride at a Cafe near Jiuduhe.

A group will ride a nice loop up the Sihai climb, then descend on a stretch of rough roads (which may or may not have been paved by the time we ride) then turning left into the Ming Tombs.

B group will go west for a smaller loop that packs in plenty of punch in an up-and-down profile.

C group will do a smaller but nicer loop. Good amount of climbing also to spice up the 50km route.


这周的路线从安四路和怀昌路交界口开始 -- A组会正趴黄花城,经过一段比较颠簸的下坡之后到达四海,之后左拐进入十三陵,绕圈回到起点;B组也会向西出发,之后环绕一个大圈,其中有六个小山头攻克;C组会和A,B一起出发,但是提早拐弯绕一个更小的圈,但是也有足够的上下可以让你享受在山里骑行的乐趣。

Route Details 路线细节

Ride Registration - van space currently full, wait list available - contact JJ