Ride 33

Border Adventure

Serk Cycling Beijing


A : 114km
B : 094km
C : 046km


A : 1500m
B : 1250m
C : 600m


A : 5/5
B : 5/5
C : 4/5


Saturday Sept 9
Sign in/Coffee : 06:00
Depart Serk : 06:30
Arrive Start : 08:30
Return Earliest : 15:30
Return Latest : 17:30


Miyun / Hebei Border

Our series of glorious September rides continues this Saturday with a cracker of a ride on the Miyun / Hebei border. We visited this area over the May holiday and it was worth the long drive.

For A and B its a loop around a spectacular canyon in Hebei close to Wulingshan. There are some small sections of road that are a bit rough followed by long stretches of good quality concrete roads. Bring extra tubes as the Hebei roads aren't as good as the ones we are spoilt with in Beijing. The roads are totally rideable and worth it for the views !

Expect a longer drive to get out there and a later return to Beijing.

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