Serk Adventure


Congratulations you've made the decision to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

To secure your place please follow these instructions ;


  1. Check Eligibility

    Everest trips
    - Do you hold a Diplomatic Passport? Unfortunately you are unable to travel to Tibet
    - Is your passport valid for at least 6 months after the date you intend to travel to Tibet? If not please apply for a new one.
    - Do you have a valid Chinese Visa for the period you will travel to Tibet? If not we will help you apply for one in your home country.
    - Flights. The permit conditions state that we must all travel into Tibet on the same plane. We will all meet in Chengdu China and fly together into Tibet. The flights in and out of Tibet will be booked by our staff and you will be billed for them in your final invoice (budget US$550 for these flights).

  2. Payment Process.

    A. To confirm trip please pay a deposit of US$1000 (HK$8000). This can be paid via our online gateway here or via direct deposit to our bank. Direct deposit info will be emailed to you. Direct deposit payments can be made in US$, Euro, A$ and HK$. Please ensure that we receive the full deposit amount net of your bank fees.

    B. Final payment is made 3 months before trip begins. This payment covers trip costs / flights and any bike rental (see below).

  3. Cancellation

    Our cancellation policy is listed here.

  4. Bike Rental

    We have a fleet of 10 high end Serk Titanium bikes for rent with groupsets ranging from 105 to Super Record level.You can check out our bikes here. They were specifically designed for the routes we ride.

    We'll ensure you have the correct tyre size and type, correct gearing and our support vehicle has all the spares required to service these bikes in case of any issues during the trip (of course you are responsible for any damage you cause while riding the bike).

    We also transport the bikes to the start point of the trip and back to our HQ again including packing and unpacking the bike so travel is hassle free for you.

    If you send us detail of your current bike set up we can send you back CAD drawings showing how we will best replicate the position.The bikes are allocated on a first come first serve basis - contact us for exact specs of bikes at time of booking. Costs are as follows ;

    Everest trip (10 days rental) - US$80 per day
    Sichuan Kham trip (6 days rental) - US$80 per day
    Kyrgyzstan trip (7 days rental) - US$100 plus shipping surcharge of US$280