June Special Event


Slow Boat x Serk

Serk Cycling Beijing


150KM - all the way to Slow Boat


150km - 2261m
92km - 2002m
59km - 1229m




Saturday June 19th 2021


Yanqing / Changping

We are teaming up with Slow Boat Brewery for The Summer Sizzler Ride! Three distances. Hot weather. A secret Serk beer stop location on route with ice cold beer for you to enjoy. Not just any beer either - this summer Slow Boat has brewed a special edition electrolyte brew. Pocari Sweat and beer combined to form the Slowcari. The perfect mid ride ice cold drink!

We will finish at Slow Boat with lunch, a short talk and Q&A with Head Brewer Baylor Guild.

Baylor Guild - Head Brewer
Baylor hails from Oklahoma and was attracted to craft beer by the intersection of creative expression and practical application. As head of recipe development, his main inspiration comes from regional cuisines in China and abroad. To employ these tried and tested flavors, his recipes often utilize ingredients rarely, if ever, used in beer production to create unique and compelling concoctions.


Three rides -

The Full Sizzler - 150km
An awesome route deep into the Yanqing mountains and downhill back to Beijing via a bunch of smaller roads. Secret beer pitstop somewhere around Changping and then ride all the way back into the city to Slow Boat Maizidian. Lunch, more beer, a talk and a slow ride home before sleeping the rest of the afternoon on the couch.

The Mountain Sizzler - 92km
Same as above but we will drive you back from Changping to the city in the Serk Vans. Less Mayan than riding through the traffic but will likely take the same amount of time.

The Semi Sizzle - 59km
A shorter route through the mountains. You'll be first to arrive at the beer stop and you'll need to wait for the other riders before we drive back. Don't worry there will be plenty of cold beer to keep you occupied.


Ride Fee -

There are no additional ride fees for this event. Slow Boat have generously sponsored the Slowcari cans which we will take out to the mountains to serve on ice. When we arrive at Slow Boat you can order drinks and food a la carte at regular bar prices.

Self Drive -

You'll need to organise a driver (or Huolala van) or come with the Serk vans as the route is a point to point and not a loop.

Numbers -

Limited to 40 riders max so sign up early to avoid disappointment.







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