Special Event 

Beijing Sportive

Serk Cycling Beijing


Full Distance : 92km


Full : 1200m


Full : 3/5


Saturday Nov 04
Depart Serk : 08:00
Arrive Start : 09:00
Return Earliest : 15:00
Return Latest : 16:30



Every year Serk riders usually participate in one of the Beijing Sportive rides. The Sportive is a series of challenge rides taking place in Beijing during the year. This weekend is the last in the series - at 92km long its a good option for our club to participate in.

The sportive is a timed event. Riders start together in a big group with a timing chip. It's not an official race with the emphasis on completing the challenge and doing your best time rather than racing. However unofficially the front riders treat it like a race.

The course is the same as our regular Death Valley A ride. 1200m of climbing. The event starts at 10am so expect to return to Beijing later than the usual Saturday ride.

Please note that you must register with the form below and pay by tonight 22.00.

The event fee from the organisers is 180 RMB. This includes a 100 RMB deposit which will be returned when you give your timing chip back.


Ride Registration