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Beijing 450 2022

Serk Cycling Beijing Distance Stage 1 – 120Stage 2 – 140Stage 3 – 190 climbing Stage 1 – FlatStage 2 – HillyStage 3 – Hilly difficulty 2/5 – 3/5 Time May 1st – May 31st location East, West, North Beijing Mountains The 450 Challenge was born in 2020 when Beijing was under it’s first set…

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Hot Spring ride Dec 04

Nov(Dec) Special Event THE HOT SPRING RIDE Soak up the end of a great season! Serk Cycling Beijing Distance Get hot – 72km Stay warm – 44km Gravel – 34km climbing flat as possible! difficulty 2/5 – 3/5 Time Saturday Dec 4th 2021 8.00am location Yanqing Winter coldness is such a big challenge for doing…

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Beijing Vintage Ride

Serk are the co-founders of the Beijing Vintage Ride (together with 700bike.com). The vintage ride was founded in 2013 and was the first vintage ride in a major mainland city.

The Beijing Vintage Bike Ride was inspired by the London Tweed run which was founded in 2009. The concept is simple; riders dress up in traditional British cycling attire and ride through the city. A celebration of the simple life, the elegance of traveling by bicycle and vintage fashion.

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MeWe Bicycle Festival

SERK co-organized the MeWe Bicycle Festival in Beijing in 2013. Vintage bikes, urban cycling, JISU PK and Cycling movies.

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